Chattanooga's Upscale Re-sale Event
Make the Most from your Closets
You've probably got more to sell than you think!

You can sell all kinds of wonderful
things at our sale!

"What can I sell at your sale?"

                        Great question. What do you have?

We accept all kinds of items such as:
• housewares
• furniture (NO used mattresses!!!)
• kitchen appliances (small ones)
• purses (and shoes)
• season appropriate clothing (juniors, young men's, misses', men's, big & tall, plus size, formal)
• camping gear (and golf equipment, exercise gear, bikes, billiards tables, etc.)
• tools (anything MANLY that is like new!!)
• musical instruments
• tableware
• curtains
• fabric
• sunglasses & hats
• small baby animals (NOT REALLY! just making sure you're awake)
• lamps (room decor)
• chairs
• sofas and loveseats
• book ends and books to go with them
• etc and so on (the sky is the long as it's PRACTICALLY PERFECT!)

The nitty gritty about items that we accept:

ALL CLOTHING MUST be LESS than FIVE years old (ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!)! We want to be the BEST in the adult consignment business and we cannot do this if we have out of style clothing. Styles change VERY quickly! Please help us AND yourself by not WASTING your time pricing your items that are older than this, they WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

We will be accepting items that are NEARLY NEW and in GREAT condition! Please keep this in  mind as you price your items!!  Please be sure to check all zippers and buttons.  Trim all loose threads and a little ironing goes a LONG way!!

We'd LIKE to try to keep the clothing items on a "higher end" (no "Walmart, Kmart, off brand" clothing, unless NEW with tags, these items tend to shrink when put in the dryer and they generally wear quicker than regular department store or catalog clothing).

If you bring small appliances or electronics, be sure that they can be plugged in to be tested. If an item requires batteries to operate, please provide those batteries, if we have to replace them we will charge your consignor number $1 per battery.

If you bring sporting goods (such as balls), please be sure to make sure that they are aired up (obviously, no deadly weapons of any kind will be accepted).

Keep in mind that if you have ANY items that are specifically related to children (under teenage) PLEASE keep them for the children's sale that Practically Perfect PREFERS, 
Just Between Friends of Chattanooga (also right here at Camp Jordan)  We WILL NOT accept ANY items that are specifically children's items. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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